Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

Browsing through the pages of an issue of so good .. magazine means immersing yourself in the story behind a beautiful photo. The ideas, the concept, and the techniques that have crystallized in that image that fascinates us all. It is possible thanks to a team of journalists and territorial delegates who spend their time searching and selecting those stories. Each new issue of the magazine is an invitation to explore unknown and fascinating paths related to modern pastry. And issue number 25 is no exception. These are their stories.

It has been forty years since the appearance of Michel Bras’s coulant, a dessert that immediately became a public success and that crossed borders, achieving a universal category. Today we take stock of this experience with its creator and we pay a well-deserved tribute along with figures of the stature of Albert Adrià, Cedric Grolet, Oriol Balaguer, and Emmanuel Ryon. Antonio Bachour celebrates the release of his new book in which the classics of pastry and the most diverse themes of inspiration intersect with the desire to offer a repertoire of freshly made informal pastry, to be eaten with the hands.

Cédric Grolet
Cédric Grolet

Nature in its purest and most devoid of artifice form becomes  the inspiration for the creations of the Israeli chef, Lior Shtaygman. Choux on the one hand and cheesecake on the other surprise with a completely renewed presentation by the hand of the Hungarian chef, Attila Meinhart.

Creativity as a non-negotiable commitment to charting a new and personal path defines the culinary proposal of Think Food Group (Charisse Dickens and Jose Andrés), Ever (Curtis Duffy), and Aponiente (David Chamorro and Ángel León). No less innovative and personal is the task that Barcelona’s Chocolate Academy has carried out for 25 years. This is shown by its current team at the helm Enric Monzonis, Albert Daví (on the cover), and Josep Maria Ribé, the latter showing that innovation not only has to do with formats but also with technique, which allows for extending the life of artisan spreads.

Technique always plays a fundamental role in the pages of so good .. magazine. In issue 25, we are shown techniques by figures such as the Korean chef Eunyoung Yun or the Belgian chef Michel Eyckerman, who displays a range of different resources to finish a cake with unique and unrepeatable decorations.

Charisse Dickens
Uni soufflé with Ponzu Sancho by Charisse Dickens

Technique, creativity … what more could you ask for? Perhaps a concept with a good commercial response. Something that figures such as Hiroyuki Emori from Japan and Eric Ortuño from Spain always have in their designs and collections. Beauty is sometimes in itself reason enough to display a dessert menu, especially in the middle of the French Riviera, which is how Julien Dugourd shows us. Patryk Szczepanski,on the other hand, investigates the vegan trend of finding new desserts that do not forgot the sweet character that every good dessert should have.

And for those who have not had enough, in issue # 25 of So Good we discover what happens to a Japanese football coach, Masahiko Ozumi, when he visits the pastry capital of the world. The chocolatier Ivan Pascual gives bean to bar products a twist, adding a second fermentation to the cocoa with the use of koji. And Raphael Giot embodies the Belgian spirit of good pastry to consolidate his establishment in a new and flourishing stage.

Twenty-five issues with stories like these give meaning to so good .. magazine, which reaches this milestone in its career full of enthusiasm and gratitude for so many good moments shared with professionals from all over the world.