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Enric Monzonis

Enric Monzonis started in the world of restauration when he was 16 years old. He studied and worked in restaurants as a chef for four intense years, after which he took a break of two years in which he devoted himself to studying marketing. Time that helped him to realize his dream was to devote himself to the kitchen and return to the sector, but through pastry.

Trained at the Hofmann School in Barcelona, he has worked in renowned pastry shops in Spain such as Hofmann, Dolç by Yann Duytsche, and La Pastisseria by Josep Maria Rodríguez. He has also developed part of his career in the dessert stations of Abac and Albert Adrià’s Tickets in Barcelona. In 2017 he joined the team of professors of the Chocolate Academy in Barcelona, in addition to assuming the tasks of chef for the Cacao Barry brand.

Bio Highlights

2015-2017 – Pastry Chef of the Restaurant Tickets-La Dolça Barcelona

2017 – Chef instructor at Chocolate Academy in Barcelona

“I want to see if the modernization that cuisine has experienced lately can also be reflected in pastry”

so good.. magazine #19

Featured in so good #19 and so good #25