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pastry chefs

Meet the best pastry chefs — The great pastry masters from all over the world have their own space in this section. We explain their professional careers, their successes and their collaboration with so good..


"For me, it is important that whatever ingredient I am adding has a reason to be there and makes sense from both technical and taste perspective"


Hans Ovando, Ángel León, Gregory Doyen, François Daubinet, Gonzo Jiménez , Jordi Roca, Bobby Cortez, Michael van der Kroft, Dominique Ansel, Sean Hu, Dimitri Fayard, Pía Salazar, Kyohei Mikami, Nicolas Nikolakopoulos, Sho Kimura, Joost Arijs, Dej Kewkacha, Tristan Rousselot, Talia Profet, Sébastien Canonne, Luciano García.

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