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Pastry Chefs in USA Archives - so good.. magazine

A selection of the best sweet professionals working in the United States of America

Dimitri Fayard

Mastering the basics to expand creativityMore info

Maya Sittisuntorn

Industrial design fundamentals, sweet sensibilityMore info

Mauro Pompili

Argentinian base, European influences, and taking a sweet chance on the Big AppleMore info

Susan Notter: “You have to realize who you are coaching, you want to push and drive without breaking them”

November 30, 2020 |

The English chef, with ample experience in championships, has been the Felchlin representative in the USA for two years. More info

Grant Achatz

One of the culinary models of America avant-garde cuisineMore info

Andrea Coté

Familiar and accessible but with the best techniquesMore info

Mark Welker

Flavor, beauty, creativity, and intentionMore info

Ronny Emborg

A spirit of improvement and sensorial cuisineMore info

Luis Amado

Simple details that change everythingMore info

Juan Contreras

Mexican heritage, imagination, and attention to detailMore info