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Dimitri Fayard

Dimitri Fayard’s career is full of great moments that have allowed him to grow professionally, gain a technical base, and become the Head of the Chicago Chocolate Academy Center today. Among the professional figures with whom he has shared experiences and learning, Philippe Urraca, François Payard, Jean-Philippe Maury, and Laurent Branlard stand out. Although he already felt the vocational pull towards sweet cuisine at the early age of 11, Dimitri Fayard gives special importance to the ability of continuing learning and practicing to reach an optimal level in each of the typical pastry tasks and from there to be able to expand creativity towards more innovative and personal proposals.

Bio Highlights

2003 – 2011 Runs Vanille Patisserie in Chicago

2008 – Admitted as an Academician in the Academie Culinaire de France

2009 – World Pastry Championship

“Once you have mastered a pastry cream for example, you are now able to efficiently produce any type of curds. You learn how to properly crystallize a chocolate; you now understand how it reacts and can intelligently work on more intricate products”

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