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Pastry Products

Pastry products and ingredients for the preparation of cakes, desserts, bonbons, ice creams… They include flours, nuts, chocolate couvertures, dairy products, aromatic herbs… Finished products can also be found, such as bonbons, turrones, frozen pastry or ice creams

Travel around the world with the new chocolate decorations from Barbara Decor

The brand has just presented a collection in collaboration with the Argentinian artist and chocolatier, Maria Jesus Bordon Hisa.More info

Valrhona goes back to basics with the whole bean couverture, Oqo

This new couverture is characterized by the absence of conching, an unprecedented texture, and a very reduced list of ingredients.More info

Adamance, a range of frozen fruit purées for conscious chefs

For the American market, it presents 11 references in which practices that are not harmful to the environment or to farmers have been applied.More info

Okabo, blonde chocolate from Deremiens with numerous taste combinations

In this release, François Deremiens uses unrefined sugar sourced from Belgian sugar beets.More info

Cacao Barry launches an innovative collection of eight extra-fine cocoa powders

These cacao powders, each with their own technical benefits, distinct colors, and flavors, are divided into three specific ranges.More info

Chocolate 60 DAYS, Puratos’s first carbon-neutral-certified product

In its preparation, fermentation in acacia wood boxes is combined with slow roasting methods.More info

Valrhona celebrates 100 years of commitment to ethical chocolate with Komuntu 80%

With this launch, the company reflects the strong ties it has with its cocoa-partners, suppliers, employees, and customers.More info

Les Vergers Boiron expands its range of room temperature fruit purées

Pear, apricot, and pineapple are their three new flavors.More info

Butter ghee for Arabic pastry and sweet preparations

Dutch Meadows and Blenda have a natural and very versatile butter ghee.More info

Callebaut launches NXT, dairy-free and plant-based chocolate

To achieve the creamy mouthfeel and flavor, Callebaut extracts a 100% vegetable milk-alternative from the chufa plant, which is very respectful of the environmentMore info