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Cacao Barry launches an innovative collection of eight extra-fine cocoa powders


Cacao Barry launches an innovative collection of eight extra-fine cocoa powders

Cacao Barry launches an innovative collection of eight extra-fine cocoa powders

Why do we always use the same cocoa powder but use different chocolates according to our needs? Based on this question, the chefs at Cacao Barry decided to explore the world of cocoa powder, still unknown to most pastry chefs and chocolatiers. As a result of this reflection, they have presented an innovative collection of extra-fine cocoa powders, developed in collaboration with experts from the cocoa powder laboratory in Louviers, France. A collection that wants to satisfy both the uses and needs of pastry chefs, as well as the new lifestyles of consumers in today’s society.

“The knowledge of cacao powders is not a knowledge that is transmitted in the profession today, it is a field that we are discovering gradually, which is very technical and worth mastering in order to be freer to create, to choose the right ingredient for the best desired result”, explains its Creative Director, Ramon Morató

These new eight cocoa powders are divided into three ranges with evocative names and different characteristics and benefits:

  • Universelle. Versatile category based on French savoir-faire for universal use. It is made up of high-fat Dutch cocoa powders with intense colors, powerful flavors, and smooth textures: Extra Brute, Plein Arôme and Rouge Ultime (Cameroon Origin).
  • Naturelle. Perfect ally for vegan recipes where the ‘natural’ attribute is fundamental, but without sacrificing flavor. It is made up of Nature Fruitée (Santo Domingo Origin) and Cacao Nature (new on the market) which has not been alkanised and which gives vegan recipes a more gourmet aspect.
  • Performante. With various fat contents, different pH levels or technical characteristics such as insoluble powder, fitting very specific uses for unbeatable results. Range composed of the defatted power Légère 1%, ideal for aerated recipes and low calorie applications; the dark powder Noir Intense for baking dark recipes, and the insoluble powder Décor Cacao (new on the market), suitable for products with a high moisture content

This launch goes in line with Cacao Barry’s commitment to the environment. As Andrea Doucet, Cacao Barry’s global brand leader, states, “this new collection is made from sustainably sourced beans and supports the large-scale impact program, Cocoa Horizons”. A resealable bag with a zip to keep the product fresh is also offered, practical for chefs and made of a mono-material allowing the collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging, reducing waste, and being environmentally friendly.

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