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Ramon Morató

His name means chocolate. His professional book devoted to chocolate is a major reference book worldwide.

His name is tightly linked to a profound knowledge of chocolate and chocolaterie d’auteur. Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef in 1997, and currently global creative director of Cacao Barry, Ramon Morató is also the author of the acclaimed book ‘Chocolate’, published by Grupo Vilbo, and co-author of the book Four in One, alongside Josep Maria Ribé, Raúl Bernal and Miquel Guarro. Not only is he one of the most acknowledged professionals in this subject, his work pontificates about it and reaffirms his bright professional career.

In July 2021 he published his second book Files. A great work in which the chef approaches pastry and chocolate with a 360-degree look, from knowledge and science, the latest trends and new consumption habits, and the spectacular design of their elaborations with their corresponding recipes and techniques. (read the editorial)

Bio Highlights

1997 – Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef (MMAPE’97)

1998 to present – Director of Aula Chocovic, currently Chocolate Academy of Barry Callebaut

2007 – Publication of the book ‘Chocolate’, World’s Best Pastry Book award (Gourmand Cookbooks Awards)

2016 – Coauthor of ‘Four in one, on the boundaries of chocolate

2021 – Publication of his second book ‘Files

“Knowing how the chocolate is affected by the temperature it is exposed to in each phase allows us to handle the product more safely and offers us a wide range of possibilities and applications both in the chocolate and pastry industry in general. It is temperature which therefore determines ‘The Many Faces of Chocolate”
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