Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

so good.. #4

January 10, 2011

Number of pages: 228


robert truitt, biographic pastry
curtis duffy, the long-distance runner
philippe rigollot, towards maximum purification
eirc bertoia, bridge between cultures
jordi butrón, desserts with Discourse
angelo musa, the friendly side of pastry
daniel ross, haute pâtisserie in Stockholm
jordi roca, “my desserts are fun, provocative, and irreverent”
gian luca fusto, pursuing perfection
oriol balaguer, “I am addicted to patisserie. It’s my job, my hobby, and my passion”
philippe vancayssele, “don’t hide yourself in your own world… this is boring”
jean philippe maury, as good as it looks
kotatsu tanda, cherry blossom pastries
damion badalamenti, chocolate connection
roberto rinaldini, dessert-à-porter
jean yves charon, pastries for the people
ramon morató, caribbean flavor
christophe michalak, the new age of patisserie
gerard dubois, a passionate rose
frédéric monti, sweet notes
emil minev, the bulgarian patisserie talisman
CIA, more than just a simple culinary school

so good.. #4