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Files by Ramon Morató

A great book on pastry and chocolate, approached from technique and recipes but also from science, anthropology, nutrition, sociology, design, and craftsmanship.

The pastry and chocolate book offer has not stopped growing at an unusual fast pace in recent years. Today, books on practically any subject related to both disciplines can be found on the market, signed by the best international masters. However, few are the books that address pastry in depth, from a point of view of recipes and techniques, but also from other aspects. And that is exactly what Ramon Morató proposes in his new book Files, a great book that also delves into science, nutrition, anthropology, or design, and also taking into account current trends, such as the change in consumer habits, veganism, personalization, the so-called healthy pastry, the mathematics of taste …

It is easier to list what the reader will not find in Files than to list just how much the book contains. You will not find just a succession of interesting recipes, nor a set of pretty photos, nor a collection of spectacular design pieces. What Morató offers is knowledge, research, science, applications, techniques, and practical solutions. It is a way of approaching pastry with a 360-degree view, squeezing all possible aspects and thoroughly going into all kinds of creations.

Organized like a file folder, Files contains 15 projects that are very different from each other and in which a large part of the different disciplines of current pastry are addressed: Pure 5, or the five fundamental flavors in a bonbon format; Invasion of the plants, or the world of vegetables in pastry; Trends, or how new social trends are expressed through creative recipes; Chocolate x Wine, or the sommelier François Chartier’s new mathematics of taste applied to chocolate, 1 + 1 = 3; Haiti, or how to create a product line around a new chocolate; The Ganache, a scientifically based study on this emblematic creation, with vegan versions, one shot, water-based, for long conservation, and the revolutionary praline ganache; Nuts, or how to better integrate nuts in pastry; Find your Style, deep multidisciplinary study on the so-called healthy pastry; Pastry & Anthropology, or how the change in consumption habits and concepts such as slow, personalization, or nutrition currently affect and will affect the work of the pastry chef; Cotton cake collection, or the definitive study on this peculiar Japanese cake; WholeFruit, and so on up to the 15 mentioned projects.