Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

so good.. #9

June 20, 2013

Number of pages: 282


sébastien canonne, the apple of his eye
kirsten tibballs, new face, same soul
yann duytsche, con-fusion
yusuke sasage, pâte en croûte style
paco & jacob torreblanca, like a cool, wet forest
claire damon, “I exert myself to turn daily things into extraordinary”
johan martin, the pleasure of a job well done
leonardo di carlo, “the best baba is the one my colleagues from napoli and salerno make”
jerome chaucesse, the character of the emblematic
simon brégardis, no limits
philippe bertrand & martin diez, the ideas lab
jordi bordas, in the country of yuzu
guillaume mabilleau, curiosity does not kill
roberto cortez, the power of imagination
chris nugent, best food forward
gianluca fusto, constructive pastry
arnaud cadoret, beautiful, inside and out
josé luis martínez armario, a sweet ‘tapas’ tour
yoshihisa akiyama & kaoru mukaiyachi, between tradition and innovation
jialin tian, impossible synergies
ramon morató, exclusive
rubén álvarez, bicolor: metaphor of life
janice wong, boundaries blur
jordi roca, creativity beyond a dish
jimmy macmillan, the gastronomic agitator

so good.. #9