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So Good #26

so good #26

July 7, 2021
so good #26

Number of pages: 304

Measures: 230 x 297 cm

Language: English



Saint Honoré turns 175 years old

  • Dinara Kasko, Riding the waves
  • Jérémy del Val, Breathing in a new aroma
  • Saray Ruiz, Upside down, inside out
  • Zhou Xiaohu, Saint Honoré tree

  • Rasmus Munk, Stirring up the diner
  • Christophe Adam, The genie grows
  • Nina Métayer, Unstoppable progression
  • Gonzo Jiménez, ‘Miette et Chocolat’ where magic happens
  • Zhou Xiaohu, Devil is in the details
  • Jan Proot, Renewing to remain at the top
  • Jiho Kim, Embracing change
  • Roberto Cortez, Floral sensitivity
  • Matthieu Atzenhoffer, Competing to learn
  • Vicky Lau & Nocar Lo, The charm of finding balance
  • Miko Aspiras, Smoked, fermented and coagulated
  • Alexandre Fink, Natural scenes
  • Szilárd Tóth & Csenge Dusha, A trip to the heart of Hungary
  • Luciano García, Connected with the land

Only cocoa, nothing more and nothing less

  • Andrey Dubovik & Ronya Belova, Crowned with laurel
  • Frank Haasnoot, Fruit is beautiful
  • Melissa Coppel, Sensory journey
  • Kirsten Tibballs, Sweet & savory
  • Emmanuel Ryon, Homage

  • Tidbits
  • Jordi Farrés, Dream of a heady chocolate
  • Files by Ramon Morató, Much more than a pastry book
So Good #26