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Pascal de Deyne

Evocative formats, balanced flavors, and singing to natureMore info

Miko Aspiras

Signature desserts flavored in the PhilippinesMore info

Wang Sen

The western pastry style agitator in ChinaMore info

Xavi Donnay

Delicate and refreshing plate creations and artisanal petit foursMore info

Johan Martin: ‘The perfect croissant does not exist’

March 13, 2019 |

The big viennoiserie French master visits so good #21 to share his thought about what is making so popular this pastries latelyMore info

Exotic hibiscus by Jiro Tanaka

February 26, 2019

The combination of exotic fruits and chocolate is joined by an Aisan taste by hibiscus flower in this piece. More info

Attila Meinhart

Pastry with clear flavors and a culinary touchMore info

Nicolas Belorgey

Each creation is like a book, it must be attractive from the cover to the last pageMore info

Jiro Tanaka

Admiration for ephemeral or transient things to ‘Chocolate Japanesque’More info

Wang Sen, the Western pastry style agitator in China

February 14, 2019 |

Wang Sen opens its outstanding school facilities, Top Chef Union, among them and let us discover how important are for them the artistic side of the pastry and bakery craftMore info