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David Briand

David came to the world of pastry by chance and in 2018 he reached a professional summit by becoming MOF Pâtissier.

Briand stands out for his non-conformist and competitive spirit. As a professor at L’École Valrhona of Tain L’Hermitage (France), he confesses that the key moment of his learning was in Oriol Balaguer’s workshop, where he spent six years and discovered another way to see patisserie, wagering on the quality of raw materials.

Bio Highlights

2018/19 – Meilleur Ouvrier de France

“I’m not interested in seeing who makes the most complex cake. Many times one misses how important it is to have a story behind each creation and not to forget that in the end everything we create is eaten ”

so good…magazine #23

Featured in so good # 21, so good #23