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Twenty-one stories that needed to be told and that you will want to know

David Briand David Wesmaël Emmanuel Ryon Eunji Lee Jesús Escalera Jiro Tanaka Raúl Bernal so good #32 Wei Loon Tan

What could we highlight from this 32nd issue of so good.. magazine? Well, nothing in particular and everything in general. Each and every one of the stories behind the over twenty chapters that make up this edition are of high voltage in terms of interest and of the highest quality, both professionally and humanly.


Discover So Good #32


However, the 24 chefs who star in this issue have something in common, their non-conformity, their desire to go further, to cross borders, and explore limits.


“Sub zero” world

This is what happens with four renowned professionals who invite us to immerse ourselves in an exciting “sub zero” world to show us the enormous possibilities that ice cream offers in pastries and plated desserts, each one from their own perspective. From the more “pastry” vision of the MOFs Emmanuel Ryon and David Wesmaël, to the more “culinary” of the young Russian pastry chef Artem Grachev, and the sensory theory of aromas of the multifaceted Jesús Escalera, all of them play with the common thread of their creations.

The latter, Escalera, and other chefs such as Julius Persoone with his unparalleled chocolates, or Eunji Lee from her famous Lysée in New York, blur the barriers between the savory and sweet universes to elevate the diner to another gastronomic level.


Malaysia, epicenter of haute pâtisserie

If we go beyond borders, we can see Wei Loon Tan, and his Enchanté; Jer Yenn and Jia Yi, from their JY Food Lab; and Jeffrey Tan, with his JT Patisserie, worthy representatives of the modernization movement that Malaysian pastry is experiencing and who, along with many others, have turned this beautiful Southeast Asian country into a true epicenter of international pastry.


The value of simply things, Mayan culture, gastronomic donuts and more

The great lady of the kitchen, Suzette Gresham, knows a lot about this aforementioned non-conformity, and she tells us about it from her Acquarello in San Francisco. Raúl Bernal and Pol Marginedas talk to us about improvement and teach us the secrets of the creations that have made them Best Chocolatiers in Spain. And MOF David Briand vindicates the value of simple things, which paradoxically are not so easy to do when it comes to doing them well.

Michan Kleiber tells us about his journey in which there is no shortage of forays into the tradition of Polish pastry, expeditions to Nature, and projections towards a future in which uncertainty is not exempt. Australian pastry chef Ash Smith comes close to the perfect dessert, which he describes as a big hug on a winter’s night. The Madrid-born Nuño García opens the doors of his Clan Obrador to show all the beauty of his very refined viennoiserie. And the Orfali brothers reveal to us the secret to the overwhelming success of their unique business proposal in the Middle East.

In that desire to go one step further we find Ronald García and his enormous work in favor of the Mayan culture and heritage of Guatemalan pastries. We also find the Belgian pastry chef Joris Vanhee and his fresh chocolate that is only 60 days old from when the cocoa is harvested from the tree. There is the American Paul Yochum, a student of donuts determined to take you to the gastronomic Olympus. And the Japanese chef Jiro Tanaka, creator of the ‘Deligant’ concept, a combination of ‘delicious’ and ‘elegant’.

We invite you to discover 21 stories that were worth telling and that are even more worth knowing. Are you going to miss out on them?