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Emmanuel Ryon

He is one of the most respected and refined ice cream masters in the world. More than 25 years of experience, World Pastry Champion in Lyon 1999 with France, and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier 2000, are milestones of the life of a great professional. His work philosophy in formulation is well explained in his book, Apprenez l’Art de la Glace et des Sorbets (2002), available only in French. The book details ice cream making from the traditional French perspective, with the ideal formulation to boost the ice creams’ flavors and textures to the max. Ice creams and sorbets, ice cream aperitifs, ice cream petit fours, nougats, plated desserts, savory ice creams, ice cream cups, among other creations, are found within the pages of this great book.

His last adventure is the opening of the ice cream shop, Une Glace à Paris, in 2015, with which he returns to ice cream, his true passion. In collaboration with the pastry chef Olivier Ménard, this ice cream shop recreates great classics of pastry and ice cream through an ornamental aesthetic, inspired by the past and with a very personal vision of the flavor influenced by travel. In his creations, Ryon proposes attractive sets of textures, which take the customer to a new level in the tasting of ice cream, with creations that reinterpret the past with the mastery of one of the most refined and versatile professionals.

Beyond ice cream making, his versatility in other disciplines such as pastry and plated desserts is also well-known, a virtue that has deepened in his time in Café Pouchkine and in the creative development of the desserts of the restaurants of the prestigious chef, Anne-Sophie Pic.

Bio Highlights

1993 – Trophée Joseph Armand, 1st prize

1995 – Trophée National des Glaciers, 1st prize

1995 – French Champion Ice Sculpture

1999 – Champion at World Pastry Cup

2000 – Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier

2000 – Book feature : Apprenez l’art de la glace et des sorbets

2004-2012 – Café Pouchkine

2013-2014 – Anne-Sophie Pic, 3 Michelin stars

2015 June – Opening with Olivier Ménard : Une Glace à Paris

“I make things I would make for myself. It may be seemingly selfish, yet it is a search for my pleasure and the pleasure of others”

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