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So Good #32

so good #32

June 26, 2024
so good #32

Emmanuel Ryon | French refinement

David Wesmaël | The colors of flavor

Jesús Escalera | The essence of good ice cream

Artem Grachev | Depth and emotion through ice cream

David Briand | The common sense of pastry

Eunji Lee | Dangerous innocence

Nuño García | Haute viennoiserie

Paul Yochum | Gastronomizing the donut

Joris Vanhee | Chocolate trails

Michal Kleiber | The journey

Raúl Bernal | A chocolatier on a bike

Pol Marginedas | When myth becomes chocolate

Ash Smith | A big hug on a winter’s night

Jiro Tanaka | Keep it deligant

Mohammad, Wassim y Omar Orfali | Twinning cuisine and patisserie 

Julius Persoone | More rock ‘n’ roll than ever

Ronald García | What pâtisserie owes to Mesoamerica 

Suzette Gresham | Creating memorable experiences for guests and staff is equally essential

Malaysia | epicenter of haute pâtisserie

Wei Loon Tan | Malaysian accent 

Jeffrey Tan | Being a pastry chef to be happy

Jer Yenn & Jia Yi | Two in equilibrium

So Good #32