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Jean-Christophe Jeanson

With a long career as a professional, in which there is no shortage of experiences in notable patisseries in the Paris region, Jean-Christophe Jeanson joined the Lenotre School as a pastry teacher in 2003. Since then he has become one of the key pieces within Guy Krenzer’s team both in terms of the production of La Maison Lenótre and in all its training offer. And since 2018, this chef is also MOF pâtissier, a title that he has achieved after years of effort and dedication and that, he assures us, has changed his life. In his creative philosophy, he emphasizes the commitment to classics and simplicity, making the famous phrase “less is more” his own.

“We have no choice since the health aspect is unavoidable but the limit of this trend is that the customer must first take pleasure. Our job is still to create emotion! ”

so good…magazine #23

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