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L’École Lenôtre Paris

L’École Lenôtre Paris

Brief History: In 1971, Gaston Lenôtre created the first French gastronomy school with the aim of transmitting his savoir-faire to his collaborators so as to perpetuate it as an inheritance. Currently, this center receives more than 3,000 students from France and from more than 100 countries to learn practical tricks and recipes from the prestigious Maison. In its history, there is even a world record: a chocolate truffle measuring 1.50 m in diameter and weighing 780 kg.

Maison Lenôtre has received the seal of EPV (Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and is a member of the Comité Colbert, an association made up of prestigious French brands that identify themselves with the philosophy of “l’Art de vivre”. With these certifications, the Ecole is encouraged to adjust its training to guarantee its students the teaching of excellence to the French in full consistency with developments in the economic environment.


  • L’École à Plaisir: 40 rue Pierre Curie. Plaisir Cedax
  • Les Yachts de Paris: Port Henri IV. Paris

Brief description of its pastry program: The Lenôtre School provides students and partners with state-of-the-art training to facilitate, encourage, transmit, and perpetuate performance and excellence.

  • Pastry certificate (25 weeks) for adults who are passionate about pastry making and professionals who are looking to expand their field of expertise.
  • Stages of improvement (from 2 to 5 days). Each year the school proposes more than 100 topics (entremets, macarons, cakes, petits, gâteaux …) for those professionals who want to acquire, develop, and improve a specific skill, or find new sources of inspiration.

Other facilities: L’École à Plaisir has eight air-conditioned classrooms equipped with high-quality material specifically for bakery, chocolate, pastry and cooking, a library with international culinary works of reference and a relaxation area with wifi.


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