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The Saint Honoré revised, without classic creams, by Francesco Boccia

August 9, 2022

In this creation, the Italian pastry chef does keep the aromatic combination of vanilla, fresh cream, and custard.More info

Kirsten Tibballs: ‘Before I finish a project, I am already planning the next’

July 29, 2022 |

After twenty years writting the history of Australian pâtisserie, we think it is the perfect excuse to visit again (and it is the tenth time) her Savour School.More info

Adrianna Jaworska

Poland, Japan, and Spain have marked a journey to making pastry evolve from formulationMore info

Dimitris Economides

The pastritect in charge of transforming the Athenian legacy into elegant, contemporary cakes
More info

Philippe Conticini: ‘Now my creativity is less noticeable – it is appreciated when you eat my products.’

July 22, 2022 |

We reviewed at so good 28 the vast trajectory of one of the great masters of the current French pâtisserie.More info

The oven beats the freezer

July 15, 2022 |

As we have been observing, the oven has completely beaten the freezer in the vast majority of pastry establishments around the world.More info

SG#28. What is surprising is that we continue being surprised

July 14, 2022 |

Meeting the needs of the consumer, giving more energy to baked creations, and continuing to design creations that make simplicity compatible with originality are all gathered once again in the July 2022 issue of So Good magazine.More info

So Good #28

July 11, 2022

Kirsten Tibballs, Maxime Frédéric, Jordi Bordas and Adrianna Jaworska, François Galtier, Dimitri Economides, Romain Dufour, Francesco Boccia, Maxime Maniez, Samira Saade, Marc Ducobu, Rémi Montagne, Yusuke Aoki, Tomonari Kombu, Spyros Pediaditakis, Philippe Conticini, Ju Chamalo, Aya Fukai, Meg Galus & Genie Kwon, Karl de Smedt.More info

Yusuke Aoki

Globe-trotting pâtissierMore info

Marc Ducobu

A member of Relais Desserts, his shop has become one of the most important temples of Belgian chocolate and pâtisserie.More info