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Maya Sittisuntorn

Manunya (Maya) Sittisuntorn, chef of Thai origin and half of Marble Dessert, actually began her professional career as an engineer specializing in industrial design. Although these two disciplines seem to have nothing to do with each other, in reality they share many analogies: in both cases it is important to know the raw materials with which you work and that your design makes sense. After taking a 180º turn in her career, Maya went to work at Eleven Madison Park where she confirmed her new passion for sweet cuisine. Alongside Mauro Pompili, she shakes up the culinary scene in New York by going for an exclusively desserts menu full of culinary and stylistic nuances.

“In our desserts we always include a component that gives a sense of freshness or refreshing part to give a balance to the dish”

So good..magazine #27

Featured in so good #27