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Andrea Coté

Her professional career has circulated through some of the most prestigious restaurants and schools in the United States, including Per se or Jean Georges. Of these experiences, her work alongside Mindy Segal and her “perfectly imperfect” philosophy stand out. Hence comes her search for simple and familiar proposals that, within that simplicity, seek the best possible result. She aligns herself in that regard with other chefs and friends who follow the same principle, such as Daniel Alvarez (Union Square Café) and Miro Uskokovic (Gramercy Tavern). In her own words “Approachability is very important”. Today she runs the pastry station for RPM Seafood in Chicago, where not only is she responsible for the dessert menu, but for the rest of the services, including a venue for events and a pizzeria and granitas service.

“We don’t aim to reinvent a dessert, we aim to make it the best version of a dish that people recognize and understand”

So good… magazine # 24

Featured in so good #24