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Lior Shtaygman

Lior Shtaygman, teacher and manager of the Baking department in Danon – Culinary Institute, located in the port of Tel-Aviv, in the center of Israel, has a unique and genuine style, highly inspired by Nature.

He was going to be a guitarist but a medical problem forced him to abandon the instrument. And he quickly found in gastronomy the proper trade to channel his artistic leanings.

Shtaygman has worked with today’s great masters: Christophe Michalak, Christophe Adan, Cedric Grolet, Guillaume Mabilleau, and Jacques Genin. And he has developed a style and a philosophy that uses local products to produce a fresh and crisp pastry, “less tacky and decorated”.

“Cakes need to look as if they were grown or created in nature”

so good.. magazine #25

Featured in so good #18, so good #25.