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Attila Meinhart

Attila Meinhart

His proposals always have a culinary touch, with a broad French technical base and a career that has allowed him to travel around the world as a pastry chef of an important cruise line. Today Attila Meinhart sets up his base of operations in Budapest, in the majestic Gresham Palace Four Seasons Hotel.

Meinhart is clear about where he wants to direct the steps of his creativity and style: simplicity, cleanness, freshness and naturalness. And that means, among other things, looking for local producers, avoiding waste at all costs and proposing fresh products, made daily. Naturalness is also synonymous with avoiding artificial colors and unnecessary additives that diminish the authenticity of each creation.

“Pastry in difficult times can be a ‘ray of hope’ and a reason for joy for people”

so good…magazine #25

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