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June 15, 2022

The World Chocolate Masters looks to the future

June 15, 2022
Alberto Ruiz
Attila Meinhart Jiro Tanaka Lluc Crusellas World Chocolate Masters

The World Chocolate Masters looks to the future

The World Chocolate Masters looks to the future


Alberto Ruiz

If there is an international pastry competition that has been able to adapt like no other to the evolution of the sector and the different trends that are emerging, that is the World Chocolate Masters. The competition organized by Cacao Barry will celebrate the finale of its eighth edition in Paris from October 29 to 31, which promises to be as vibrant as always. Eighteen contestants representing their respective countries will be summoned after achieving the classification in the different national qualifiers held in recent months.

The competitors during the Boot Camp held in Barcelona

The competitors during the Boot Camp held in Barcelona

The WCM invites reflection and raises the need to face the great challenges of today’s world, such as the global pandemic, climate change, the impact of migration, inequalities, among others. How? By looking to the future with optimism and with the desire to change the world to make it a better place for everyone. The tools are none other than science+design+technology (the competition’s theme), with the artisan in the middle of the equation. Science will help the pastry chef to make a more sensory, healthier and more balanced pastry. Design will make it more seductive. And technology will help make the entire food chain transparent and ethical.

The competition presents three relevant novelties in this edition. On the one hand, Greece will be represented for the first time in the finale of the competition. Secondly, the candidates must create their own 3D work, based on a 100% edible chocolate design around the #TMRW slogan. And finally, the contestants will face a truly innovative challenge: they will have to create and decorate an imaginary shop window (145.5 cm wide/247 cm high/91 cm deep) in which they will present their chocolates to the jury. The competition also includes other tests such as the preparation of an individual cake, with three or more textures and that includes a chocolate, a fruit, and a local ingredient; a plant-based chocolate snack; and the aforementioned bonbon that will be molded, with at least two different textures, and free of E-numbers, without any type of artificial coloring or preservative.


These are the 18 finalists of the WCM 2022


Jiro Tanaka (Japan)

  • Country: Japan
  • Founder Patisserie CALVA

Dilip Kumara (Middle East)

  • Country: United Àrab Emirates
  • Sous Chef at Five Hotel and resorts

Igor Zaritskiy (Poland)

  • Country: Poland
  • Chef at Warsaw Academy of Pastry Arts by Sempre

Togo Matsuda (Belgium)

  • Country: Belgium
  • Pâtisserie Chocolaterie Yasushi Sasaki

Nishant Amin (Canada)

  • Country: Canada
  • Pastry Chef at Richmond Station, Toronto

Christophe Rull (USA)

  • Country: The USA
  • Pastry Instructor @ Stephane Treand Pastry School, Head Pastry Chef Sugar Geek, TV Chef Personality (Bake Squad)

Jacky Lung (China)

  • Country: China
  • The Londoner Macao

Antoine Carréric (France)

  • Country: France
  • Louis Berger trophy in Toulouse, Pierre Mirgalet Criollo trophy, Training sessions led by chefs such as Philippe Bertrand, Yvan chevalier, Stephane Leroux…

Lluc Crusellas (Spain)

  • Country: Spain
  • Pastry Chef at El Carme Pastisseria 

Stephen Trigg (The United Kingdom and Ireland)

  • Country: The United Kingdom
  • Co-founder of  Lauden Chocolate

Eero Paulamäki (Nordic countries)

  • Country: Finland
  • Chocolatier at Fazer

Dongsuk (Korea)

  • Country: Korea
  • Professor at Seoul Hoseo College

Abraham Balaguer (Switzerland)

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Confiserie Christian Boillat

Anna Gerasi (Italy)

  • Country: Italy
  • Pastry Chef at Piccinelli pastry shop

Attila Meinhart (Central Europe)

  • Country: Hungary
  • Pastry chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest & founder of Meinhart Patissier

Issam Tajer (North Africa)

  • Country: Morocco
  • Pastry chef at Nour Delice

Carlo Midiri (The Netherlands)

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Patisserie & Chocolaterie George Vis

Nicolas Nikolakopoulos (Southeastern Europe)

  • Country: Grecia
  • Pastry Chef and instructor at Le Monde Institute of Culinary Arts
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