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Albert Daví

Albert Daví has had an intense career in the sweet side of pastry since his early training at the CETT school in Barcelona. He has combined his experiences both in restaurant patisserie (EspaiSucre, Chez Jean Paris, Coure de Barcelona) and in shop patisserie (Dolç par Yann Duytsche), to later work for four years as a technician for the bakery and pastry ingredients firm, Ireks. In 2019, he joined the Chocolate Academy of Barcelona as a teacher and chef for the Chocovic brand for Spain and Portugal.

Bio highlights

2019 – Chef instructor at Chocolate Academy in Barcelona and chef of the Chocovic brand for Spain and Portugal

“It is said that traveling is enriching, as it provides us with information and allows us to learn about other cultures, habits and customs. But also, as it is our case being pastry chefs, it can be a source of inspiration to create new products”

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