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Cédric Grolet

Essential on the inside, elaborate on the outside.

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From vanilla pods to brooches with stones. Great French chefs surprise this year with impressive proposals both visually and in terms of flavor.
In so good.. magazine 29 we have spoken with one of the chefs who is ahead of the trends.
Frédéric Bau presents an unusual exhibition in the Thorigny-Le Marais space.
From bees that remind us of the need to take care of the planet to spectacular bouquets of flowers. The great pastry chefs surprise again with pieces that look like works of art.
Valentine's Day is here and chefs go for hearts, but with an innovative touch. Long live love!
Among the many things that do define so good magazine, we could highlight the magnificent photos of the no less magnificent pastry creations, the novel recipes or the innovative techniques.
In a week, a new and long-awaited edition will be held at Sirha Lyon.
You don’t have to be an ecologist and a conservation fanatic to realize that it is necessary to change our practices, habits, and behaviors when it comes to the environment, and even more so when carrying out an activity that is directly nourished by Nature such as pastry making
The publishing releases of Books For Chefs continue to arouse great expectations, as well as the recipe section that is consolidated as the most visited.
Eggs that grow wings, octopuses taken from the ocean, driftwood, chickens from Madagascar... The Easter campaign is full of creativity once again.
Our site continues to consolidate itself as a reference point with an increase in new users.
After the success of Fruits and Opéra, the French chef surprises with this book, available at Books For Chefs, with which he pays tribute to his mother.
Breads, preserves, plated desserts, a thousand versions of the Mont Blanc. There are many gastronomic possibilities for this autumn fruit.
A great classic of French pastry deserves the gathering of important figures in today's pastry to see how it can be reinvented
Brushes, mortars, whisks, tongs, and even a juicer are part of a collection finished in black tones and with a predominance of the use of wood and stainless steel.
In so good # 25, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of this universal dessert created by Michael Bras with five interesting versions.
Creativity as a commitment, a tribute to a universal dessert, the latest trends in ingredients, the value of technique but also the importance of commercial success, all the stories told in the latest issue of So good .. magazine
With a slight increase in new users, our portal maintains the good rate despite the coronavirus.
Our traditional Christmas ranking returns another year with proposals that awaken our most emotional side.
This cake is offered exclusively to order from September 24 to October 18.
This year the Prix Au Chef Pâtissier has gone to chefs from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and Poland.
Adorable animals, friendly vegetables, carousels, baroque eggs ... In 2020, renowned pastry chefs show their ingenuity by working with chocolate.
The renowned chef addresses pastry and bakery made the moment it is ordered and before the customer’s eyes.
These four great French pastry chefs will present their signature pâtisserie in London during the months of July and August
The French chef will present three of his iconic fruit pastries: le citron, la fraise, and la noitte.
Masks, children's games, koalas, rabbits, and pandas. The great pastry chefs come back to surprise us this year with original creations that are based on the traditional Easter egg.
Cédric Grolet, Joakim Prat, Johan Martin, and Ramon Morató are some of the international chefs invited to teach at Melissa Coppel's school in 2019.
This Christmas, Cédric Grolet revisits one of its flagship desserts, the Mont-Blanc, to create two original bûches.
With flowers, green-colored, in a gummy form... rhubarb is the protagonist in some of the most striking pastry proposals in recent times.
The pâtissier of Le Meurice in Paris adds a new recognition to his awarded and popular career.
An establishment where you can discover and acquire the daring creations of this award-winning chef.
From April to June, four of the most popular young French chefs of the moment will share techniques and knowledge in Asia.
Once again, pink and red tones flood the shop windows of pastry shops on the day par excellence for lovers.
The recipe section leads a year of increased visits on our website in which practical information on news, schools, and books has imposed itself over day-to-day news.
The pastry chef of Le Meurice Alain Ducasse told us about his book "Fruits", in which he turns fruit of all types and varieties into dreamy desserts.
Cédric Grolet, Marike van Beurden, Daniel Álvarez, and Gabriele Riva are among the chefs who will give courses in the school.
The French chef’s projection is unstoppable, having just been recognized by the Association Les Grandes Tables du Monde.
It will go on sale on October 19, published by Ducasse Edition.
18th volume of our magazine is surprising, transgressive, elegant, avant-garde. But above all, it is ...
21 pastry chefs reserve some of their experiments and new creations for the 12th edition of this French gastronomic salon.
The pastry chef of l’Hôtel Le Meurice is one of the winners of these awards, which have also paid homage to Philippe Conticini’s exceptional career.

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The trompe l'oeil and flavor intensity are the keys that Cédric Grolet demonstrated at a seminar in Barcelona, shortly before presenting his book, Fruits.