Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

It is not easy to define what is so good.. magazine. Maybe because it is not just one thing. Maybe because it is unlike anything else we know that can serve as a reference or comparison. Perhaps because to define is to label and there is no label that defines the thing well and completely. Among the many things that do define it, we could highlight the magnificent photos of the no less magnificent pastry creations, the novel recipes or the innovative techniques. But this time we would like to focus on the reflections of the real protagonists of so good.. magazine – the pastry chefs.

If you delve into the pages of this issue, you will find some ideas, confessions, expressions and statements that invite you to think about this wonderful profession, the clientele, the environment and even life. Here is just a sample to whet your appetite: ‘If pretty, it attracts the customer – if tasty, it keeps them coming back’, by Cédric Grolet; ‘Nothing makes us more creative and resourceful as scarcity’, by Francisco Migoya; ‘We can change the world by changing the way we eat’, by Jo Barrett; ‘If the products exceed the guests’ expectation, then the price is often secondary’, by Ross Sneddon; ‘The general theme is creating pastry in harmony with itself and with nature’, by Lauren V. Haas; ‘To innovate is not to create something new, but to continue, maintain and renew a tradition’, by Andrea Tortora; ‘It’s important for pastry chefs to understand where they’re sourcing ingredients from and not to get caught up in in the world of unsustainable creativity’, by Juan Contreras

Enjoy the reading!


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