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Francisco Migoya

Francisco Migoya

Along with Nathan Myhrvold, he is the protagonist of one of the most fascinating places at present in culinary terms: Modernist Cuisine. In recent years, he has been responsible for promoting their latest and ambitious book: Modernist Bread. Four volumes and more than 1,000 recipes accompany the most comprehensive work known so far on bread. But this chef of Mexican origin based in Seattle has for many years unveiled techniques that shine on their own merit in creations that set trends. This is what we found in the books published in his previous phase at the Culinary Institute of America and also in the collaborations he has done for so good .. magazine.


  • 2008 Release of “Frozen Desserts” book
  • 2009 Release of “The Modern Café” book
  • 2013 Medal of Master Artisan Pastry Chef Gremi de Pastisseria de Barcelona
  • 2014 Release of “The Elements of Dessert” book
  • 2017 Release of “Modernist Bread” alongside Nathan Myrhvold and Modernist Cuisine team

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