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So Good #29

so good #29

January 5, 2023
so good #29

Number of pages: 314

Measures: 23 x 29,7 cm

Language: English


  • Lauren V. Haas, In harmony with nature
  • Francisco Migoya, Simplissimus
  • Juan Contreras, Awareness and education
  • Nicolas Dutertre, A collective responsibility
  • Jo Barrett, Leading by example
  • Nicoll Notter, The way we should all want to live
  • Natsuko Shoji, Recycling the model
  • Anthony Hart, Double focus
  • Camila García Elizalde, Emotional pastry
  • Andrea Tortora, A contemporary journey into Italian tradition
  • Josep Maria Ribé, Leaving a mark
  • Daisuke Mori & Yohei Nakayama, Fermentation deepens flavor, aroma and texture
  • Roger van Damme, Treasures of the restless traveler
  • Valentin Mille, The challenge of seducing everyone
  • Cédric Grolet, In search of flavor
  • Ross Sneddon, The art of hospitality
  • Otto Tay, The strength of the new Asian pâtisserie
  • Abel Bravo, Intense and personal
  • Michel Willaume & Marc Balaguer, New generation of fruit glazes
  • Richard Hawke, Deciphering the world of pectins
  • Bachour Buffets, Antonio Bachour presents his ultimate work
  • Yohan Ferrant, Up with the doughs
So Good #29