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Andrea Tortora

Award-winning Italian pastry chef Andrea Tortora is an international consultant and promoter of his own brand of online pastry sales, AT Patissier. Fourth generation of a family of pastry chefs, he grew up surrounded by sourdoughs. His inseparable travel companion is “Carletto”, the sourdough that he created with his grandfather Vamor when he was 17 years old and that he has kept fresh to this day.

He has an extensive international résumé (Paris, London, Singapore, Venice) and has had the opportunity to work with some of the most distinguished chefs on the transalpine scene. Furthermore, at just thirty he became a member of the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs. His pastry shines because of its originality and the attempt to develop a creativity related to the rich Italian tradition, especially panettone and lievitos, the star products of his online business.


“My idea of pastry is a balance between that subtle line that divides tradition and innovation, what has been handed down to us and our creative impulses”

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