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January 13, 2023

The 18 teams that will compete in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2023

January 13, 2023
Ana Rodríguez
Albert Adrià Cédric Grolet Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Nicolas Lambert Sirha

The 18 teams that will compete in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2023

The 18 teams that will compete in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2023


Ana Rodríguez

In a week, the long-awaited final of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie will be held in Sirha Lyon. On January 20 and 21, the participating teams – each made up of a chocolatier, a pastry chef and an ice cream maker – will have ten hours to create the 42 tasting desserts and 3 artistic pieces around the theme, “climate change”.

Cédric Grolet has been named honorary president of the 34th edition of this competition. For the acclaimed French chef, “it is a source of pride for me, but also a huge responsibility. I have to be 100% present and available for all these candidates from all over the world”.

Regarding the members of the jury, there will be a restaurant style dessert jury that will be made up of seven outstanding French and international chefs and pastry chefs who will pay special attention to the fluidity of the service like in a restaurant: Albert Adrià (Enigma*, Barcelona), Aurélie Collomb-Clerc (Flocon de Sel***, Megève), Sofia Cortina (La Vitrine, Mexico), Nicolas Lambert (Four Seasons, Dubai), Tom Meyer (Granite*, Paris), Sébastien Vauxion (SarKara**, Courchevel) and Mauro Colagreco (Le Mirazur***, Menton). Additionally, there will be a tasting jury which will gather pastry chefs designated by each team and who will rate presentation, flavor, preparation, techniques, skills, respect for the products, and originality of the recipes.

These are the 18 countries and their candidates:

Argentina candidates

Argentina: Matías Dragún (chocolate), Lucas Carballo (sugar), and  Rub Darré (ice)

Canada candidates

Canada: Jacob Pelletier (chocolate), Patrick Bouilly (sugar), and Ross Baisas (ice)

Chile candidates

Chile: Alejandro Espinoza (chocolate), Javiera Villegas (sugar), and Nikolas Ibacache (ice)

Colombia candidates

Colombia: Carlos de Ávila (chocolate), Deiby Sanchez (sugar), and Laura Mójica (ice)

South Korea candidates

South Korea: Kwang Man Jung (chocolate), Jeong Been Kim (sugar), and Ho Yong Lim (ice)

Egypt candidates

Egypt: Ahmed Aboubakr (chocolate), Marzouk Marzouk (sugar), and Mortada Abdellatif (ice)

USA candidates

USA: François Behuet (chocolate), Jordan Snider (sugar), and Julie Eslinger (ice)

France candidates

France: Georges Kousanas (chocolate), Jérémy Massing (sugar), and Jana Lai (ice)

Ghana candidates

Ghana: Isaac Danso (chocolate), Kobi Brown (sugar), and Jonathan Carl Quaye (ice)

Mauritius candidates

Mauritius: Stéphane Labastide (chocolate), Pravesh Gokhoola (sugar), and Shivam Marooday (ice)

Italy candidates

Italy: Jacopo Zorzi (chocolate), Alessandro Petito (sugar), and Martina Brachetti (ice)

Japan candidates

Japan: Moe Takahashi (chocolate), Naritoshi Suzuka (sugar), and Yusaku Shibata (ice)

Malaysia candidates

Malaysia: Charles Lim (chocolate), Pui Teng Mun (sugar), and Jun Wei Goh (ice)

Morocco candidates

Morocco: Abdelkader Ejjatioui (chocolate), Ali Gousaid (sugar), and Omar Eddib (ice)

Philippines candidates

Philippines: Anthony Jay Segubiense (chocolate), Vergel Iral (sugar), and Angelica Hong (ice)

UK candidates

United Kingdom: Martin Chiffers (chocolate), Nicolas Houchet (sugar), and Michael Ho Lam Kwan (ice)

Chinese Taipei candidates

Chinese Taipei: Yu-Wei Xu (chocolate), Hsun-Han Chan (sugar), and Yuan-Pin Chang (ice)

Tunisia candidates

Tunisia: Moez Krid (chocolate), Bechir Hamed (sugar), and Duminda Sapu (ice)


Participation schedules

participation schedules
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