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Albert Adrià

Albert Adrià was for more than 25 years leading the dessert party of the legendary El Bulli restaurant. Creator and promoter of countless projects, among them Tickets, in Barcelona. Creator of the acclaimed book ‘The desserts of El Bulli’.

He is the figure in charge of the restaurant group ElBarri where some of the most amazing restaurants in Barcelona can be found: Tickets, Pakta, Hoja Santa, Niño Viejo, and Bodega 1900. His latest and most ambitious culinary adventure is Enigma, a stage more than a restaurant, where a rabidly avant-garde gastronomic proposal is displayed. But Albert Adriá is above all a tireless cuisine and restaurant dessert revolutionary, with proposals that have been surprising and setting trends all over the world for decades.

Bio highlights

1985 – 2011 El Bulli

1998 – Publication of the book ‘The Desserts of El Bulli’

2008 – Publication of the book ‘Natura’

2008 – Opening of the Bar Inopia

2011 – Opening of Tickets

2017 – Opening of Enigma

2018 – Publication of the book ‘Tickets Evolution’

2018 – Opening of Cakes & Bubbles

2021 – Publication of the book ‘Candy’ with David Gil

“I do not need to impress anyone by making a sphere … Now I want the client to eat the best squab possible”
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