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Quentin Bailly

Technical precision and desire for improvement are the ingredients of his success
More info

Martín Lippo

New culinary techniques at the service of creativityMore info

Yann Brys

Inspired by fashion, architecture, and designMore info

Anna Polyviou

Elegance, technical perfection and a desire to enjoy herself are among the gifts that the Australian pastry chef brings to her workMore info

Kirsten Tibballs

One of the greatest bastions of patisserie in Australia, director of the Savour School in Melbourne.More info

Joseph Baker

Responsible for the pastry training program at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas (Texas).More info

Albert Adrià

Creator and promoter of countless projects, among them Tickets, in Barcelona. Creator of the acclaimed book ‘The desserts of El Bulli’.More info

Fruits bloom

November 7, 2012 2

Few things can fill us with as much satisfaction as realizing that the fruits we planted in the heart of this magazine one day –even in its literal meaning, as it was the case of the article on Josep Maria Rodríguez’s La Pastisseria and his cherry (cirera) [so good..magazine #8] – suddenly bloom in the hands of somebody else who took it as a source of inspiration and a challenge to improve their own skills.More info

Juan Carlos Arroyave: “There is no point in producing more quantity by leaving quality aside”

August 5, 2012 |

Good and productive. The sustainability of a crop which is also source of richness and life entirely depends on the balance of this binomial. GranjaLuker has spent half a century doing research and seeking the best, most resistant and most profitable cacaos, as well as updating the production methods, but one of their greatest achievements is even more important than this – the persuasion and training of the local farmers, who have realized that, economically speaking, cacao is as interesting as coffee, bananas or palm trees. For Juan Carlos Arroyave, director of the farming department of this institution, quality and productivity not only do not oppose each other, but need each other.More info

The myth of the local

July 5, 2012 | 2

When back in the 60s of the last century McLuhan coined the term global village to describe the new situation the radio and especially television were beginning to cause, he could not imagine how this emerging globalization would reach present terms. Today there is little left to discover, or rather, to portray, record and disseminate. We know what happens at the other end of the world with the same immediacy and the same detail as if it were happening in our own city. This is a process as integral to humanity as inevitable. It is true that globalization may end up standardizing almost everything, but you cannot deny that exchange is always means knowledge and wealth.More info