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Martín Lippo

Specialist in new techniques and culinary technologies, he is an international advisor for the most varied companies in the world of gastronomy. He has a deep dedication for research that has led him to several collaborations with firms such as 100×100 chef or SOC Export among others and to teach courses in different Asian countries. Thanks to his solid background training he is very versatile in his creations, although he has developed his career more in culinary applications with nitrogen as a tool and with vacuum cooking. He currently offers his wide range of services in counseling and training through his classroom Vakuum by Martin Lippo and the Nitro School.

“I’m interested in every field within Gastronomy, though this world is extremely large. This may turn me into a cook or pastry chefs like many cooks or pastry chefs … I’m not a great soloist, but a good one-man-band”

so good.. magazine #8

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