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Eric Ortuño

Since 2019, Eric Ortuño has been in charge of the L’Atelier Barcelona pastry shop and school alongside Ximena Pastor. There, he freely expresses his creative philosophy in the form of signature cakes, pastries, and other specialties. Within its modern facilities, they provide a complete training offer in the form of introductory and medium or long-term courses, as well as a wide catalog of monographic courses.

Previously, from 2000 to October 2018, he was the head of pastry studies and a key element in the smooth running of some of the great projects of the Hofmann School in Barcelona.

In his successful career, there are important awards such as Best Butter Croissant in Spain 2010, Best Artisan Tea Pastry in Spain in 2015 and 2020, or Fava de Cacau 2020 to one of the best pastry shops in Catalonia.

Bio Highlights

2000 – Head of studies and chef at the Hofmann School in Barcelona

2010 – Best Butter Croissant in Spain

2015 – Best Artisan Tea Pastry in Spain

2019 – Opening of the school and pastry shop L’Atelier Barcelona

2020- Best Artisan Tea Pastry in Spain

2020 – ‘Fava de Cacau’ award as Best New Pastry Shop in Catalonia (Spain)

2021 – Joins the association Relais Desserts

“We want to implement new products continuously. It is our DNA, to be always in constant renovation”

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