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Oriol Balaguer

A Master of chocolate and one of the current pioneers who is reenvisioning the world of desserts.

Oriol Balaguer is the perfect incarnation of what we would call an “auteur” pâtissier. That is to say, he has his own signature, a personal style that underpins everything he does, from the packaging of his creations to his shops and his collections.

He currently has five establishments in Barcelona, ​​three in Madrid, and a restaurant, each with a defined personality. This gives him the possibility of working on different concepts around different products because as a good gourmand, he is interested in everything, and he enjoys both chocolate and baked doughs, including bread.

Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous awards (Best Artisan Croissant 2014, Best Panettone 2017, Prix National by AIG 2018) and in September 2019 he fulfilled his dream of joining the prestigious international association, Relais Desserts.

Bio Highlights

1993 – Mejor Maestro Artesano Pastelero de España (MMAPE’93)

2001 – Best Dessert in La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie (Lyon)

2001 – Publication of La Cocina de los Postres

2002 – Opening of his Pastry and Chocolate School in Barcelona

2009 – Publication of his book Siete

2014 – Mejor Croissant Artesano de España

2015 – Launch of his cookbook Obsession

2017 – Mejor Panettone Artesano de España

2018 – Prix National by the AIG

2019 – Joins the association Relais Desserts

“Everything tends to be more organic. Before we were looking for perfection and now it is nice to find something that is more irregular, the beauty of imperfection”

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