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Oriol Balaguer

A Master of chocolate and one of the current pioneers who is reenvisioning the world of desserts.

Oriol Balaguer is the perfect incarnation of what we would call an “auteur” pâtissier. That is to say, he has his own signature, a personal style that underpins everything he does, from the packaging of his creations to his shops and his collections. “OB” is his designer pâtisserie, and he has shops in Barcelona, Madrid and Riyadh. In addition to his modern pastry creations, this professional is also known for his leading role in raising the profile of the dessert in restaurants.


  • 1993 – Mejor Maestro Artesano Pastelero de España (MMAPE’93)
  • 2001– Best Dessert in La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie (Lyon)
  • 2001– Publication of La Cocina de los Postres
  • 2002– Opening of his Pastry and Chocolate School in Barcelona
  • 2009– Publication of his book, Siete

I am very square on a visual and aesthetic level. I like straight lines and I can be obsessive in the workshop. I am addicted to pâtisserie. It’s my job, my hobby, and my passion.
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