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Yun Eunyoung

In charge of the successful Garuharu in Seoul, Yun Eunyoung has made of the typical éclair, specialty made with Pâte choux, the first star of her business. Crunchy texture and always freshly made, the great variety of éclairs that could be appreciated in her store in Seoul stand out for their color and elegance. The female customer is usually the most interested in these products, which first of all must look visually appealing.

The fame and quality of her creations has crossed borders, factors that have led her to teach courses all over the world and present a collection of pastry books, available in Korean and English, in which she wants to share her philosophy and technique with everyone around the world.

Bio highlights

2020 – Launch of the books Éclair, Tarte, and Decoration

“These books are not just a collection of recipes but a record of each product’s story and progress”

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