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Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur
His pastry is natural and fresh, and exactly what it looks like

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Available at Books For Chefs in French, it includes more than 80 sweet and savory creations.
Although at the moment this list focuses more on Europe, there are also countries from North America, Latin America, England, and Asia.
The tireless chef surprises with new projects that will surely cause a stir
The chef once again resorts to the fox, his alter ego, to create a piece with the coconut as the protagonist.
Our traditional Christmas ranking returns another year with proposals that awaken our most emotional side.
Our professional online bookstore has incorporated in recent weeks a series of titles that address artisan pastry, the initiation of the trade, and the science behind certain culinary processes.
These four great French pastry chefs will present their signature pâtisserie in London during the months of July and August
Ansel has created a new New York City-inspired Pretzel Mousse Cake for the occasion
Yann Couvreur, Ramon Morató, and Davide Comaschi share their latest works and research alongside other chefs who celebrate the tenth anniversary of the magazine with their creativity
A selection of spectacular Christmas pieces that this year can be found in prestigious pâtisseries, and not just in France.
For three days, Parisians will have the opportunity to taste two emblematic Guichon creations in one of Couvreur’s shops.
The World Chocolate Masters organized a training camp (boot camp) in Berlin with the 21 candidates six months prior to the great finale in Paris. The objective, to transmit knowledge and confidence to be able to face this great challenge. And all this with the help of figures such as Frank Haasnoot, Vincent Vallé, or Yann Couvreur.
Easter chocolate figures, gastronomic ice creams, or high-end French pastry are some of the topics that will be taught.
A selection of some of the impressive Christmas pieces that can be found in the best pastry shops in France and in which astrological allusions are recurrent.
Richard Orlinski, in tandem with Yann Couvreur, has dazzled the attendees of the fair with a monumental sculpture measuring 4.5 meters in height.
21 pastry chefs reserve some of their experiments and new creations for the 12th edition of this French gastronomic salon.
The Scène Sucré will bring 21 pastry chefs that will portray a more complete picture of the current dynamism of French pastry.