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> > > The Liste X Cacao Barry selects the best pastry shops in the world
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The Liste X Cacao Barry selects the best pastry shops in the world

February 16, 2023
The Liste X Cacao Barry selects the best pastry shops in the world
Ana Rodríguez

Cacao Barry, in collaboration with La Liste, has launched a selection of the best pastry shops in the world, which includes more than 700 addresses from more than 60 countries that can be consulted through a mobile application. “After establishing the first Ambassador Chefs Club and the first chocolate courses for pastry chefs in the last century, we now carry on this important legacy. We are honored to be a part of showcasing today’s best pastry chefs and to their shops, providing a true dining experience that the public can now find with a single click”, says Andrea Doucet Donida, Global Brand Director of Cacao Barry.

Although at the moment this list focuses more on Europe, there are also countries from North America, Latin America, England, and Asia, known for their own pastry traditions. The presentation of the guide was attended by great chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Nina Métayer, Sébastien Bouillet, Jordi Roca, Yann Couvreur, Quentin Lechat, and François Perret.

The selection of La Liste for pastry shops is the same as for restaurants and is based on the search for sources. Specifically, it brings together a compendium of reviews available in international guides and other media, both online and in print. The ratings of the various guides and publications are collected and weighted. “Our method is inspired by the meta-rankings used in academia (Shanghai Rankings), in sports (ATP) and elsewhere: for movies, for video games. This allows not only international coverage, but also a quick overview of new trends and their perception by the media,” says Jörg Zipprick, co-founder and editor of La Liste.

The first year there will be no classification, but the situation will be reassessed when the geographic network has been consolidated and referenced. “This first selection will continue to grow as the La Liste algorithm develops. It is really the culmination of a dream that we have had in the Cacao Barry team to empower pastry chefs and highlight their great talent and the importance of pastry in world gastronomy”, explains Ramon Morató, creative director of Cacao Barry.