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Nina Métayer

Nina Métayer’s career began taking off after a trip to Mexico in which she discovered the baker’s trade to then attempt to train in France in some of the most demanding places. In her career, her time in grand luxury hotels, such as Chez Paillat in La Rochelle or Le Meurice in the days of Camille Lesecq, but also with Jean François Piege, stands out. Not only in restaurants does she forge her career, but she also has the opportunity to enter the ranks of the international Café Pouchkine. This is how her passage through the Qui Sera le Prochain Grand Patissier pastry program catapulted her to fame that is also consolidated with the “Best Pastry Chef” awards granted by Le Chef and Gault et Milliau. Her commitment to a personal pastry that takes into account both the delicious character of the combinations and the seductive touch of the presentations has marked her style, which she will soon reflect in a book that she prepares with Editions La Martiniere. She currently works as a consultant and offers her own products in the Délicatesserie online store.

Bio highlights

2015 – participates in the Qui Sera le Prochain Grand Pâtissier program

2016 – Best Pastry Chef (Le Chef)

2017 – Best Pastry Chef (Gault et Millau)

“I like aesthetics as a way of expressing the quality and love we put in our profession”

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