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Pierre Hermé

Worldwide reference pastry chef, owner of the Pierre Hermé bakeries, to be found in different continents.

Pierre Hermé needs no introduction. His charisma and contributions to pastry turn him not only into a worldwide reference figure, but the figure everyone wants to find a reference in. He has establishments in France, England, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, besides a successful on-line store, and his pastry empire does not seem to cease from growing. But above all, Pierre Hermé is a tireless creator, capable of imagining a new pastry in which pleasure turns into a guide.

Bio Highlights

1997 – Publication of ‘La Pâtisserie de Pierre Hermé’

1998 – Opening of Pierre Hermé Paris and a store in Tokyo

2002 – First store in Paris

2005 – Publication of ‘ph10’

2008 – Publication of the book ‘Macaron’

2010 – Publication of ‘Pierre Hermé Infiniment’

2011 – Publication of ‘Rêves De Pâtissier – 50 Classiques de la Pâtisserie Réinventés’

2016 – World’s Best Pastry Chef (World’s 50 Best)

2017 – 86Champs opening (Paris)

2018 – Café Parisien Beaupassage opening (Paris)

“I consider patisserie as an Art, with capital A. It is a way to express sensitivity the same way music, painting and sculpture do”
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