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Dominique Ansel’s exclusive pop-up at Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie

May 8, 2019
Dominique Ansel’s exclusive pop-up at Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie
Ana Rodríguez

After 12 years of being established in New York, the French chef Dominique Ansel will return to Paris from May 17 to 19 to serve some of his iconic cakes in the boutique that Yann Couvreur has in Le Marais (23 bis rue des Rosiers).

Ansel is very excited about this exclusive three-day pop-up, since “Paris is a home-coming for me. It has never lost its spot in my heart. And I thought the best thing I could do is share a bit of New York, which is also a home for me. ” In addition, he assures that “teaming up with Yann Couvreur and his team is an exciting project for us, and it’s great to see our strong and international pastry community pushing creativity forward together.”

Couvreur is also very excited about this collaboration. “He is a visionary, and after we met in 2015, my own personal project changed a lot. He completely transformed the definition of a pastry shop, making it more accessible, more approachable, and less like a formal space. I loved his bakery right away because you immediately feel at home. His staff is happy and his customers are excited to visit and enjoy his pastries.”

For the occasion, Ansel has created the new Pretzel Mousse Cake inspired by the city of New York, made with bavaroise pretzel and soft caramel on a crispy peanut butter feuilletine base. In addition to this new dessert, visitors will be able to taste three of his popular creations:

  • Frozen S’more: an ice cream version of the classic childhood campfire treat, with a Tahitian vanilla ice cream center surrounded by crispy chocolate feuilletine and honey marshmallow that is torched to order and is presented on a smoked willow branch.
  • Cookie Shot: a warm chocolate chip cookie, in the form of a shot glass, which is filled with housemade cold-infused Tahitian vanilla milk.
  • Mini Madeleines: heated and baked the minute it is ordered and served hot from the oven with a layer of powdered sugar on top.

Customers will receive a ticket with each purchase, although only a percentage of these tickets will be golden, and can be exchanged for a free cronut that same day.