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June 20, 2024

The 25 pastry chefs awarded by La Liste in 2024

The 25 pastry chefs awarded by La Liste in 2024

The 25 pastry chefs awarded by La Liste in 2024


Ana Rodríguez

The independent ranking La Liste, in collaboration with Cacao Barry, has recognized international pastry talent by giving awards to 25 pastry chefs from 14 countries, from Spain to California, Lima, Paris, Budapest, Pakistan, Melbourne, and Singapore.


Ten special awards


Most Creative Pastry Chef in the World

Bastien Blanc-Tailleur (so good.. magazine #6) was awarded for his impressive wedding cakes, his outstanding contribution to the sector and the reformulation of a cake for a special occasion. 

“His wedding cake designs are not simple desserts, but masterpieces that embody extraordinary attention to detail and deep artistic vision. His work elevates pastry to an art form, inspiring us all in the culinary world,” says Ramon Morató, creative director of La Liste.


Best pastry shop in the world

The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, where François Perret showcases gastronomic creativity, exceptional pastries, and his signature madeleines.


Game changer

Dominique Ansel, from New York (USA), is not only the inventor of the highly imitated cronut, but he has also managed to show the art of haute pastry to millions of fans through social media.


The best afternoon tea in the world

Christophe Devoille, born in Strasbourg and executive pastry chef at Atlantis The Royal in Dubai, proposes an exquisite afternoon tea tasting. Served in the Royal Tearoom, an opulent space filled with crystal, glass, and metals, it brings together local ingredients such as raspberry, honey, milk, pollen, and herbs, caviar, truffle, vanilla, pistachio, and chocolate.


Innovation in pastry

  • Antonio Bachour brings his desire for exploration and experimentation to everything he does, from his restaurants in Miami and Mérida (Mexico) to his numerous books, among which we find Bachour Gastro and Bachour Buffets.
  • Janice Wong, founder of dessert bar 2am in Singapore and known for pushing the boundaries of creativity beyond the typical boundaries of chocolate and baking, creates unique and immersive experiences ranging from concept stores to art exhibitions.

Most promising pastry chefs of the year

  • Aurélien Cohen – Pâtisserie & Chocolaterie (Asnières-sur-Seine, France)
  • Justin Lee – JL dessert bar Seoul (South Korea)
  • Margie Lorenzana Manzke – Republique café (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Joanna Yuen – Otera Hong Kong (China)
  • Noelia Tomoshige – Monroebakes Pastry Shop (Madrid)

Craftsmanship and authenticity

  • Caffè Cavour 1880 (Bergamo, Italy)
  • Bernachon (Lyon, France)

Both bakeries promote the culinary heritage of their region through technique, creativity, and responsible sourcing.


Openings of the year

  • Mietta by Rosemary (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Christophe Louie (Paris)
  • Nèulo (Paris)
  • Bonbon Cafe (Dubai)
  • Bakery Lannan (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Ethics and sustainability in pastry

At Des Gâteaux et du Pain in Paris, Claire Damon shows a special interest in sourcing and sustainability. She only uses ethical ingredients from small producers and her star product is biodynamic or organic seasonal fruit.


Discovery gems (little-known or hard-to-find)

  • Lals Chocolates (Pakistan)
  • Farine & Cacao (Montreal, Canada)
  • Alanya Pastries (Lima, Peru)
  • Brigat (Paris)
  • L’ogre de Carrouselberg (Lille, France)
  • Chez Dodo (Budapest, Hungary)

I International Pastry Forum

This year, La Liste, apart from its awards, has organized an International Pastry Forum in collaboration with Pierre Hermé. An event that gathered the main names in the sector to discuss creativity and AI, haute pastry in luxury hotels, and the influence of French pastry and pastry chefs around the world.

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