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Janice Wong

She captures the attention of many targets, and is probably the most fashionable pastry chef in Asia, as attested by the distinction received twice as Asian’s Best Pastry Chef by the San Pellegrino List of Best Restaurants of that continent. She combines her duties at her operations center, the desserts restaurant 2am: dessertbar , with dozens of projects, events and artistic experiences. In the meantime, she still has time to participate in the development of a brand of ice cream, or more recently, a brand of candy (pastilles) based on bamboo shoots.

Janice Wong is a restless spirit; she does not like to spend much time doing the same thing. Half pastry chef, half artist, she wants to explore the possibilities of 3D printers in her edible art projects, which she believes is an ample field to study. In the territory of the plated dessert, basically the attitude is equally disruptive. She sees the dish as a canvas smaller than her edible structures, but where she also expresses her ideas. After the success of ‘Perfection in Imperfection’, her first book of creations, it has now been two years of time to develop new ideas that will be compiled under the no less suggestive title, ‘No references’. ‘The difference is all the recipes created are original and without any references of methods or words,’ she explains, and then continues: ‘this is important to keep the spirit of creativity and share with the world new unique techniques and textures which deserve new names for them too.’

Bio Highlights

2011 – Pastry Chef of the Year – World Gourmet Summit Awards

2011 – Launch of the book Perfection in Imperfection

2012 – Best Dessert Restaurant – IS Magazine

2012 – Young Woman of the Year – Her World

2012 – Best of HOW – International Design Award for “Perfection in Imperfection” book

2013 – Asia Best Pastry Chef – San Pellegrino

2014 – Asia Best Pastry Chef – San Pellegrino


“I am in a creative and re-inventive stage where I am always exploring new possibilities in the culinary and arts”
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