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Yann Couvreur opens his first café-pâtisserie in Miami

Yann Couvreur

April 16, 2024
Ana Rodríguez
Yann Couvreur
Yann Couvreur opens his first café-pâtisserie in Miami

Yann Couvreur continues to expand his brand. The French chef, who currently has 17 boutiques in Paris, Seoul, Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, and other cities around the world, has just opened his first café-pâtisserie in Miami (United States) in the artistic neighborhood of Wynwood.

“For this unique destination, traditional French codes are reinterpreted to set the tone for flourishing brand, embracing the more festive spirit in Miami that we find in the colored mirror wall as well as the storefront coffee which has been imagined in the colors of the vibrant city in a more graphic spirit”, says Charles Zana, architect and interior designer.

Yann Couvreur Café

In this 232 m2 location – the brand’s largest to date – the chef goes beyond pastry and offers refined all-day long dining, as well as the possibility of ordering online.

The menu features local and seasonal ingredients, without artificial flavors or preservatives. Among the French proposals with a modern touch we find the tartine Saumon with Appalachian smoked salmon, lemon cream cheese, and local microalgae, the traditional Baguette et Beurre, a caramelized French toast, the Oeuf à la Coque garnished with caviar, or the millefeuille à la blue vanilla.

“My purpose for this cafe is to merge my culinary identity with the vibrant culture of American cuisine. Bringing my experience, my intention is to infuse American classics with a unique French twist to create an unforgettable menu that celebrates both tradition and innovation,” says Couvreur.

Couvreur says that he plans to open another establishment in Coconut Grove and Aventura in Miami, before landing in other North American cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.