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So cool..magazine is born, the new international avant-garde ice cream magazine

November 23, 2023 |

On the cover, Frozen croissant with apple tatin by David Gil and Albert Soler
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Review of the book, Disfrutar Vol. 2, with dishes created between 2018 and 2020

November 21, 2023 |

This ambitious book, which incorporates a QR code as a novelty, is now available at Books For Chefs.More info

Remember 28ºC by Jose Romero. For a rich, regular and comprehensible panettone / Review

October 4, 2023 |

The most anticipated book of the moment will allow all fans of this dough to understand the particularities of its production and the keys to achieving regularity in an artisan production system like never before. More info

More than 100 dessert recipes from Ballymaloe, the birthplace of modern Irish cuisine / Review

September 21, 2023 |

The book, available at Books For Chefs, is divided into different sections, from fruits to cakes.
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Seven chocolate books from which to acquire techniques and improve recipes

September 14, 2023 |

In Books For Chefs, you will find a careful selection of titles to expand your knowledge on the subject.More info

The didactic and small manuals of pastry, bread and pastries by Marabout / Review

August 14, 2023 |

Written by Rodolphe Landemaine and Mélanie Dupuis, they are now available in French at Books for Chefs. More info

100 French Pastry Classics by Carl Marletti / Review

July 13, 2023 |

In this book, the chef show how to make everything from Paris-Brest to pastry creams, meringues, tiramisu cakes, and financiers.More info

Pains and brioches from around the world selected by Karima El Makhloufi / Review

July 7, 2023 |

Available in French at Books For Chefs, it contains more than 60 recipes and numerous tips.More info

Origin and purpose of Reasoned Gourmandise, the pioneering pastry concept invented by Frédéric Bau

July 3, 2023 |

A pastry with a lot of flavor, textures, which is healthy and without excesses. This is what the French chef defends and which he has also captured in a book, available at Books For Chefs.More info

What is ‘Mini’ experiences its best moment in a presentation at Lasarte in Barcelona

June 21, 2023 |

The book, which fills a publishing gap and reflects the brilliant work of Xavi Donnay, demonstrates that ‘what is beautiful, if it is small, is twice as beautiful’.More info