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So cool..magazine is born, the new international avant-garde ice cream magazine

So cool..magazine is born, the new international avant-garde ice cream magazine

Grupo Editorial Vilbo and our publishing label, Books for Chefs, launch the new international ice cream magazine, so cool..magazine. This annual publication in English gathers the most advanced works with ice cream as the main character from a double perspective, that of technical innovation and that of creativity in presentation.

In its first issue, so cool..magazine presents 20 great articles signed by 23 professionals from around the world throughout its 306 pages. A true debut of the signature ice cream that boasts the unbridled creativity of professionals such as Jérémie Runel, Jordi Roca, Jean-Thomas Schneider, Emmanuel Ryon, Luca Bernardini, and more, as well as the most avant-garde techniques of Carlo Guerriero, Albert Soler and David Gil, Jordi Guillem and Eric Miete, and Jordi Puigvert, among many others. We also release our first issue with the Frozen Croissant with Apple Tatin by David Gil and Albert Soler on the cover, a perfect synthesis of the extensive study on the innovative application of enzymes in ice cream that they present in their technical article.

So cool..magazine was born from our extensive experience in publishing leading ice cream magazines such as Arte Heladero and the global success of such an influential publication in haute pastry as is so good..magazine. Two paths that lead to this new love story with ice cream as the protagonist, so cool..magazine.


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