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David Gil

At only 16 years old, David Gil was working under the orders of Nandu Jubany, in the restaurant Can Jubany. It was the beginning of a meritorious career that would lead him to great restaurants like Le Calandre, Bras-Laguiole, and Mugaritz. In 2012, he enters Tickets and his life changes once in contact with Albert Adrià, which exerts a great influence on his way of understanding what is sweet.In 2020 he started a new project with his brother Adrià Gil. This is I+Desserts, a gastronomic studio specialized in innovation and development of projects, ideas and creative experiences in the sweet world.

In competitions, David Gil has also had successes. In 2015, he won the Lluís Santapau Trophy for Best Chocolatier.

Bio Highlights

2008 – Training at Hofmann School of Hostelry

2006-2008 – Works at restaurant Can Jubany (Vic, Catalonia, Spain)

2011 – Restaurant Le Calandre (Sarmeola, Veneto, Italy)

2012 – Chief of creative pastry at Albert Adriá’s Tickets Tapas Bar

2015 – Lluís Santapau 2015 Trophy for Best Chocolatier in Spain

2020 – I+Desserts Gastronomic studio start-up

“With the help of enzymes we create a new type of ice cream, i.e. with the same ingredient the result is completely different”

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