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So Good #30

so good #30

July 11, 2023
so good #30


  • Amaury Guichon. Chosen
  • Martin Diez. The triple play
  • Dinara Kasko. AI, an inevitable ally
  • Jesús Escalera. A decade of wonders
  • Natalie Eng. Quiet sophistication
  • Juan Gutiérrez. The path of dreams
  • Lluc Crusellas. By right
  • René Frank. The boost that dessert deserves
  • Francisco Moreira. meaningful
  • Long Ming Ai. Black, pink and citrus
  • Samuel Ducrotoy. Fresh air
  • David Gil. Enzymes reach desserts and ice creams
  • Blanca del Noval. Wild Pantry
  • Jesús Camacho. Island bites
  • Luis Amado. Pushing the limits or raising the bars
  • Yelene Anter. A little bit of science and a lot of art
  • Ksenia Penkina. A brilliant ending
  • Tejasvi Chandela. The mithai touch
  • Mineko Kato. Desserts for a better future
  • Xavi Donnay. For small and delicate patisserie

Data sheet

  • Number of pages: 312
  • Measures: 23,5 x 28,7
  • Language: English
So Good #30